12-1-2022 – 2023 NC Private Sector Average Wage Report

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December 1 2022



Caldwell County continues record wage growth


The 2023 North Carolina Private Sector Average Wage Report was released earlier today.  Produced by the NC Department of Commerce, Labor and Economic Analysis Division, the report ranks all 100 of North Carolina’s counties by annualized average wages  using the most recent four quarters (Q3 2021 through Q2 2022).  The report is based on what county employers pay without regard for where employees may live.


Caldwell County employers posted record wages again in the 2023 Report. The new average wage for Caldwell County is $48,482.  This represents a one year increase of 10.4%.  In comparison, Catawba posted a new average wage of $52,172, an 8.6% year over year increase.  Burke County posted a new average wage of $43,261, a 9.52% annual increase.


Since 2015 Caldwell has increased its average wage by $16,473 per wage earner, totaling 51.5% wage growth over eight years.  During the same period of time, Catawba has increased its average wage by $15,426 and Burke has increased its average wage by $10,328.


Caldwell moved from 28th highest to 20th highest average private sector wage in this year’s rankings.  The state’s highest average wages were in Durham County with $86,686,  followed by Mecklenberg with $80,349, and Wake with $72,743.  Other counties in the top twenty were Iredell with $64,433, Catawba with $52,172, Buncombe with $51,080, and Lincoln with $49,332




The 2023 NC Average Private Sector Wage Report can be found at:



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