4/21/19 – A mix of jobs being offered

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April 21, 2019


By: Virginia Annable



Caldwell County is still hiring, and representatives of about 50 companies seeking to fill almost 2,000 jobs will be at the J.E. Broyhill Civic Center on Wednesday.


But this time, among the job-seekers at Caldwell Is Hiring there also will be high school students getting ready to enter the workforce.


For the first time, high school seniors are allowed to miss class on Wednesday morning to go to the hiring event, said Deborah Murray, the executive director of the Caldwell County Economic Development Commission. It is a step in introducing high schoolers to the opportunities available in their home county and encouraging them to stay and work in Caldwell.


Murray said young people entering the workforce are crucial to sustaining Caldwell’s business growth. Every month, employers are adding more jobs, but the county workforce can’t keep up, so people are coming in from outside the county.


“Our companies are growing so fast, … and we obviously know we don’t have enough people,” Murray said. “That’s why doing a good job with high school seniors is so important.”


By introducing students to their local options, they can find part-time or summer jobs to see what career path they might like, Murray said.


“They can even spend a summer doing a full-time job and figure out their next steps,” Murray said. “This is exposure you can get paid to go do.”


Murray said in the next year she plans to hold an event similar to Caldwell Is Hiring but only for high school students so they can learn more about the opportunities in the area.


Caldwell Is Hiring will still cater to anyone looking for a job or looking for a better job, Murray said. About 50 companies with almost 2,000 open positions are coming to the job fair, including employers from Caldwell’s core industries will be there, such as furniture companies, wood planing, plastics and pharmaceuticals, as well as companies with retail and food service jobs and health care positions. Temporary employment agencies also will be there.


One of the dominating fields is health care. As Caldwell’s population rises, the need for home care nurses and nursing home employees does too. That, along with Caldwell Memorial Hospital’s expansion, is quickly growing the health care field.


“I never ceased to be amazed at the number of health care positions,” Murray said, “There are so many (jobs) in home care, nursing homes — not just the hospital.”


Job seekers can also expect to see a lot of temporary and seasonal positions, she said.


“There’s a lot of different jobs this time around with all the seasonal positions for spring and summer,” Murray said. “This is a good smattering of positions.”


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