7-15-2020 – Wide array of symptoms seen with coronavirus

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July 15, 2020






As the number of coronavirus cases has grown in Caldwell County, health care officials have seen a broaden­ing in the symptoms that those who become sick display, the county health director said.


Fever, coughing and difficulty breathing were once seen as the call­ing signs of COVID-19, but that has changed, Caldwell County Health Director Anna Martin told the Cald­well County Economic Development Commission’s board of directors on Tuesday.


“What we are seeing now is a lot of sinus infection-type symptoms. That’s a lot different than in the beginning,” she said. “Some people have fevers, some people have sinus infections, some people have stomach problems ”and “horrible diarrhea.”


And “some people have every­thing,” she said.


But the most prevalent symptom of the disease is a loss of the senses of smell and taste, she said.


The CDC also has said that chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, congestion, runny nose, nausea and sore throat have been common symptoms.


The virus is spreading through the community, and health officials continue to be surprised by what they are

seeing related to the spread, Martin said. For instance, when one member of a family has been infected, sometimes officials find that no one else in the household tests positive for the virus, or many members of a household may test positive, but one member does not.


“The virus is so new is so new that nobody knows how it’s working,” she said.


Alan Merck, senior vice president and chief operating officer of Blue Ridge Energy, expressed uncertainty about what employers should do when employees go on vacation to places such as Myrtle Beach, which has been a hotspot of virus spread.


“To quarantine for 14 days, your business takes a hit,” he said.


Martin suggested that returning employees should be encouraged to be tested for the virus but asking employees to self-quarantine for a week rather than 14 days may be sufficient.


“If someone has coronavirus, they should see some symptoms within five days,” she said.


Merck said he was concerned about the majority of young adults who become infected and show no symptoms but can still infect others.


The Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and the American College of Physicians reported in March that five

days was the median incubation time for symptoms to show, but it could take as long as 12.

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