8-11-2022 – EDC presented proposal to purchase 30-acres

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August 11 2022





Deborah Murray, executive director of the Economic Development Commission (EDC), presented a proposal to purchase the 30-acre Hollowfield McDowell property on Helton Road in Sawmills for the purpose of industrial development.


“The development there would be a tremendous investment in Sawmills,” Murray said.


The property has the potential to add value, jobs, and investment in the community. The EDC has also partnered with an engineering consultant to maximize the value of the property.


“We’ve decided that naming it Evergreene Industrial Park gives a nod to the recently deceased mayor of Sawmills,” Murray said. “It gives it something that is important to us, being green and sustainable and standing for 21st century types of things, but also a nod to the history and legacy of something important to the town of Sawmills.”


Potter asked Murray if there were any concerns about the property becoming a Brownfield site, which is a site that may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminate. Murray answered that she was not aware of anything of that nature planned for this property.


After Murray’s presentation, commissioners voted unanimously to approve this land acquisition.

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