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10/31/2017 – MDI partners with Duke Energy to power refrigeration trailers

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October 31, 2017


By Virginia Annable
(Lenoir) News-Topic


In the truck yard of Merchants Distributors, Inc. (MDI), hundreds of trailers sit waiting to be loaded with grocery store merchandise, often food in need of refrigeration. Trucks attached to some of these trailers sit with the diesel engine constantly running to power the refrigeration, but toward the middle of the lot trailers now quietly run the refrigeration units with a new electrical connection.


MDI partnered with Duke Energy to add 36 electric plugs to MDI’s truck yard to decrease the amount of fuel used, said Brent Vaughan, MDI’s director of facilities engineering, at a ceremonial ribbon-cutting.


“The plug-ins give us the ability to keep food safe day in and day out … They allow us to run a lot quieter and a lot more environmentally safe,” Vaughan said.


The project was announced over the summer but was in the works for two years, he said. The electrification lowers fuel emissions, cuts costs, and reduces noise pollution.


MDI trucks idle for a combined 1,200 hours each week, Vaughan said. Based on this, the company hopes to save 31,000 gallons of fuel a year with the new plugs.


The difference in noise is noticeable, comparable to standing next to an idling diesel engine or a plugged in refrigerator.


“It’s amazing how much quieter it is,” Vaughan said, noting that the noise reduction is good for truck drivers who are in the lot often.


Of MDI’s 570 trailers, about 200 are equipped to be plugged in, Vaughan said. The company had some plug-in stations that it was already using, but the older plugs are situated in inconvenient ways, Vaughan said, and the new plug-ins are more advanced.


“We’ll use these first now … They have features to allow us to track usage on the new ones,” he said.


If the newest stations work out, MDI could add another 36, Vaughan said, especially if the company continues to grow over the coming years.


“As long as our usage is good, the way business is going it looks like we’ll add more,” he said.


Vaughan said the company also considered putting similar plugs at Lowes Foods grocery stores – owned by Alex Lee, Inc., MDI’s parent company. But he said since trucks are at the stores only for a few minutes at a time, for now it is not planned.


10/26/2017 – Caldwell is Hiring event features solid turnout

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October 26, 2017


By Virginia Annable
(Lenoir) News-Topic


Faith Tesner is on the job hunt – a search that brought her to the 15th Caldwell is Hiring at the J.E. Broyhill Civic Center in Lenoir.


She used to work at her family’s business in Asheville, a small gas station and shop. Her grandparents passed it to her parents, and her parents passed it to her. Then tragedy struck when the store burned to the ground, and Tesner was left to move closer to family in Alexander County and search for a job – any job – in the area.


“I’m busting my tail looking for a job today,” Tesner said.


Any one of the 2,500 jobs with the 50 employers at the job event would work for her, Tesner said, but others searching with her had a more specific vision.


Caldwell County Economic Development Commission Executive Director Deborah Murray, the organizer behind the biannual event, said she noticed more people searching for jobs that would be an improvement over current jobs.


“It really feels like we’re getting better quality people … interested in specific jobs,” Murray said.


Among the 50 companies attending were Exela Pharma Sciences, Google, JBS USA, Caldwell UNC Health Care, the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office, and other manufacturers, retailers, and public safety offices in five different counties, Murray said.


This time around, the EDC advertised the jobs by categories, and when applicants came in for orientation, Murray guided them toward where they should look for specific jobs they were interested in.


With the local unemployment rate approaching 4 percent, Murray said, the focus of the job fair has shifted from getting people better jobs and simply letting people know what’s out there. That being said, Murray added she was sure how many people would attend due to the lower unemployment rate.


“It’s kind of like the party you invite everybody to come to and you don’t know who will come,” Murray said.


Two hours into the event, Murray estimated about 400 or more people would attend.


Caldwell County Commissioner Jeff Branch was on hand to help guide people to jobs they might like and made sure it went smoothly. He said turnout for the event was better than he expected.


“It’s good to see this many people showing up … and it’s a lot of people, I think, looking for better jobs,” Branch said.


One was Amanda Marshall, recent graduate of Lenoir-Rhyne University who currently has a job.


“Where I am right now, it’s not right for me … I have a bachelor’s in history. I know I won’t find something directly related to that but maybe something closer to it than I am now,” Marshall said.


10/19/2017 – CCC&TI assists local employers through training program

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October 19, 2017


By CCC&TI Public Information


Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute is partnering with the North Carolina Community College System’s Customized Training Program to offer customized training assistance in support of local businesses in the region.


CCC&TI is currently working with Continental Structural Plastics, Stallergenes Greer Laboratories, The Marlin Company, and Timber Wolf Forest Products to offer on-site employee training designed for each company.


Customized training has long been provided by North Carolina Community Colleges. The program works to provide company-specific instruction as a component of the state’s economic development efforts. North Carolina was the first in the nation to deliver such training to local businesses and over the past 50 years has trained more than 36,000 employees and served nearly 900 companies.


Continental Structural Plastics in Lenoir, which manufactures a variety of components for the automobile, heavy truck, and HVAC industries, is the most recent company to take advantage of the customized training program. The company’s scheduled courses so far included CPR and first aid, and officials hope to schedule more, plant manager Tracy Gray said.


“We were excited to learn about the variety of available training options at CCC&TI,” Gray said. “In addition to established courses and certifications that our employees need, we’ve also had conversations about customized training solutions that focus on specialized skills and equipment. It’s a real convenience to have access to these programs, as well as a tremendous cost savings to the company.”


College officials recently toured the Lenoir facility and discussed several ideas with company officials for developing additional customized training options in the future.


Stallergenes Greer, Inc. is a global biopharmaceutical company specializing in treatments for respiratory allergies that has operated in Caldwell County since 1904. Courses provided by CCC&TI for Stallergenes Greer will help train employees in the validation and documentation procedures that help the company meet federal regulations for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Training is also being provided in the areas of preventative maintenance, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines, report writing and Auto CAD design, just to name a few.


The Marlin Company, which is celebrating 25 years of business this year, formulates, blends and labels a variety of liquid and powder chemicals with a number of applications. Those applications include auto care, antimicrobials, pool chemicals, industrial cleaner and textile additives, and lumber marking products among others. Marlin has provided employment to 25 full-time staff members for the last several years. For Marlin, CCC&TI has provided training in the areas of First Aid and CPR, forklift operation, confined space, OSHA 10 hour training. Additional OSHA required training in the areas of Lock-out / Tag-out, fall protection, and Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response will be provided soon, as well. CCC&TI will also be conducting Lean Manufacturing and 5S training to improve efficiencies and minimize waste. Marlin has also requested leadership training using the Total Responsible Person (TRP) model, which is designed to create a culture of responsibility, cooperation, respect, and teamwork among co-workers.


When asked about the training received, CEO and Owner Marty Waters stated “Marlin takes immense pride in each of our employees and is committed to providing the training and education necessary to allow them to grow personally as well as professionally. The level of training provided has far exceeded our expectations. Every trainer we have had so far has been very knowledgeable about the subject being presented and has presented the training in a professional manner,” said Waters. “College personnel have been accommodating and willing to work with us to schedule training in a way that had minimum impact on production requirements.”

Mark Poarch at Timber Wolf Forest products plant

Timber Wolf Forest Products, established in 1998, manufactures component parts for the furniture and cabinet industries. They have approximately 45 full time employees. CCC&TI will provide several types of safety training modules for Timber Wolf employees including First Aid and CPR, OSHA guidelines training, fire extinguisher training, blood borne pathogen training and forklift training. In addition, the college will also facilitate training in basic computer skills, effective communication and lean manufacturing.


CCC&TI is also currently planning and developing customized training programs for several more businesses in the area. Rick Shew, Employer Services Director for CCC&TI, says that the college is ready to assist existing businesses and new businesses alike with whatever training needs may arise. “Our goal is to enhance the growth potential of companies in our region while also preparing the local workforce for successful employment in these emerging industries. A well-trained workforce is essential for economic growth,” said Shew. “Our flexibility and wealth of resources across the state give us the unique ability to help meet the demands of just about any type of business or industry.”


10/18/2017 – Convergys coming to Caldwell is Hiring on Wednesday, October 25

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October 18, 2017


Convergys will be attending the 15th Caldwell is Hiring that is scheduled for Wednesday, October 25 from 8:30 a.m. until Noon at the J.E. Broyhill Civic Center in Lenoir. The company replaces Lowes Home Improvement, which had to drop out due to a scheduling conflict.


Convergys will be looking to fill 50 sales assistant/customer service jobs.


Google has 2 immediate and 25 future openings for operation assemblers; and 1 immediate and 5 future openings for operaton engineers.


Jordan-Holman Lumber has immediate openings for an OTR truck driver; 2 pallet builders; 2 CNC operators; 2 general laborers; and 1 truck loader. The company also has 2 future opening for maintenance workers.


Broughton Hospital has 10 immediate and 20 future openings for CNAs; 4 immediate and 29 social worker positions; 3 immediate and 5 future openings for clinical psychologists; 2 immediate and 5 future openings for maintenance mechanics; 2 immediate and 2 future openings for school educators; and 10 immediate and 15 future openings for registered nurses.


Skill Creations has more than 10 current and future openings for direct care educators.


Friday Staffing has 5 immediate and 20 future assembly positions; 4 immediate and 10 future production jobs; 2 immediate and 5 future forklift/material handlers; 2 immediate and 5 future clerical positions; 2 immediate and 2 future unloader posts; and 2 immediate and 5 future general laborers.


Accuforce Solutions is seeking 15 immediate and 15 future openings for general laborers; and 4 immediate and 4 future openings for machine operators.


The Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office is seeking 4 immediate and 1 future detention officers; 1 patrol officer; and 1 courthouse bailiff.


Sealed Air will be looking to fill 7 immediate and 2 future positions for machine helpers; and 2 immediate quality technician positions.


Corning will be looking to fill 20 maintenance technician jobs and 100 manufacturing associate positions.


Bemis Manufacturing is looking for 20 machine operators (2nd and 3rd shift); a production leader (3rd shift); and a mechanical engineer.


Shuford Yarns has 6 immediate and 6 future openings for machine operators; and 2 immediate and 3 future openings for machine technicians.


Von Drehle Corporation is seeking 15 immediate and 15 future entry production/material coordinator employees.


Lee Industries will be hiring for 19 positions, including 8 inside upholsterers; 8 trimmers; 1 PD engineer; 1 programmer; and 1 customer service representative.


Gaines Motor Lines has openings for 5 immediate and 5 future OTR/regional drivers. Applicants must be 22 years old and have their CDL-A license. Drivers are paid by the mile.


Advance Pierre Foods is looking to fill 55 openings, including 12 assemblers; 3 stackers; 15 bakery stackers; 4 packers; 7 sanitors; 7 toppers; 2 hand wrappers; and 5 suppliers.


Exela Pharma Sciences has 4 openings for manufacturing associates (2nd shift); microbiologist; plant engineer; change control product specialist; 2 quality assurance officers for the clean room (1st and 2nd shift); quality assurance officer for packaging and labeling; 2 scientists; 2 process engineers; analytical chemist; quality assurance manager; 2 quality assurance associates – DCU; EM technician; quality assurance DCU administrator.


Hanes Industries has 6 immediate openings for machine operators/forklift operators on the 2nd and 3rd shifts.


NEPTCO will be seeking to fill 2-3 immediate and 2-3 future openings for production technicians/machine operators.


Home Instead Senior Care has 15 current and 15 future openings for personal care assistants; and 10 immediate and 10 future openings for companions. Applicants need to be 18 or older if not already a CNA.


McDonald’s will be looking to hire 10 crew people; 4 managers; and 4 maintenance workers.


Onin Staffing has 83 openings including 30 production operators; 15 experienced furniture workers; 2 glaze wipers; 2 cabinet assemblers; 4 machine room workers; and 30 machine room operator/packers.


Carolina Precision Components in Granite Falls has 5 immediate and 10 future openings for CNC machine operators; 3 immediate and 3 future jobs for CNC machine setup technicians with at least 1 year of experience; 3 CNC machinist jobs with at least 3 years of experience; maintenance technician with at least one year of experience; and quality control with at least one year of experience.


The Marlin Company is seeking to fill a marketing/IT (e-commerce) position; a management trainee post; and 2 entry level production jobs.


Premiere HomeCare in Granite Falls has 5 immediate and 10 future openings for CNAs, along with 3 immediate and 5 future openings for LPNs and RNs.


Domino’s has 10 openings for delivery specialists. Applicants need to have a vehicle and insurance, a very good driving history, and the ability to work evenings, weekends, holidays. The company also will be hiring 4 customer service representatives.


The City of Lenoir has 2 openings for master equipment operators in the streets division; 2 drivers in sanitation; 2 laborers in sanitation; along with building maintenance mechanic; auto mechanic; planner/GIS analyst in the stormwater division; pipe mechanic in wastewater division; firefighter; patrol officer; telecommunications officer; customer service representative in the recreation division; public information officer; main street program coordinator; main street program specialist; and main street program intern.


GKN Driveline will be hiring for 20 immediate and 20 future openings for assembly operators, along with 15 immediate and future openings for material handlers.


Bakers Waste Equipment has 10 immediate and 15 future openings for MIG welders, 2 immediate and 6 future metal fabricator positions, 1 CNC robotics welder, and 1 maintenance tech.


Chick-fil-A is seeking 6 kitchen team members, 10 front line team members, and 4 leadership/supervisors.


Premier Home Health Care Services has 10 openings for CNAs and PCAs, along with 5 openings for LPNs and RNs.


Sam’s Xpress Car Wash is looking for 7 crew members, 6 assistant managers, and 2 site managers.


Caldwell UNC Health Care is seeking to fill 82 positions. The posts include administrative assistant and corporate risk manager (Accreditation/Risk Management); 2 business services representatives (Admitting); medical assistant (Anderson Urgent Care); radiology tech (Blowing Rock Medical Care); credentialed medical assistant (Caldwell Physicians Network); credential medical assistant (Caldwell Urology); 2 registered respiratory therapists (Cardiopulmonary); surgical tech (Hancock Surgery Center); pharmacy tech II (Inpatient Pharmacy); 6 medical technologists, 2 phlebotomists, and specimen processor (Laboratory); registered nurse (McCreary Cancer Center); credentialed medical assistant (Mulberry Pediatrics); new grad registered nurses, 5 certified nursing assistants, 2 customer service representatives, 2 licensed practical nurses, 6 PRN staff nurses, patient care coordinator, 25 registered nurses, 7 unit secretaries (Nursing); quality data abstractor and quality/organizational excellence leader (Quality); occupational therapist and physical therapist (Rehabilitation Services); medical assistant (Rivercrest Medical); 2 credentialed medical assistants and radiology tech (Robbins Internal Medicine); sleep tech (Sleep Lab); and surgical tech (Surgery).


Hickory Springs is seeking 3 machine operators (3rd shift), 3 wire drawing operators, and 3 CNC machine operators (3rd shift).


Catawba Valley Staffing has 24 openings for machine operators, 8 collections clerk/HR generalist/receptionist, 9 experienced forklift operators, 4 experienced cake decorators, 9 production techs in Boone, 4 experienced inside/outside upholsterers, 8 experienced upholstery sewers, and 9 experienced furniture finishers.


Fairfield Chair is seeking to fill 3 immediate and 3-plus future openings for upholsterers, and multiple openings for lacquer/stain sprayers, and frame pushers.


Sattler Corp has openings for cleaners, weavers, customer service, and experienced maintenance workers.


Maxim Healthcare Services has 15 immediate and 30 future openings for RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and HABTs. Onin Staffing is hiring for 35 production operators, 15 experienced furniture workers, 2 glaze wipers, 2 cabinet assemblers, 4 machine room workers, and 30 machine operators/packers.


The N.C. Department of Public Safety is seeking up to 150 correctional officer Is, 100-150 correctional officer IIs, 100-150 correctional officer IIIs, up to 10 food service officers, and 50 RNs and LPNs with degrees.


Foothills Radio Group is hiring for 2 account executives.


MDI will be hiring for 20 selectors (must pass all testing) and 5 tractor trailer drivers with 2 years of experience and an active CDL-A.


Woodgrain Millwork is seeking 4 machine operators, 6 general laborers, and 2 maintenance mechanics.


Shurtape Technologies has 15 immediate and 15 future openings for manufacturing positions.


JBS USA has 50 immediate openings and 100 future openings for production associates, while ResCare Homecare is looking for 15 CNAs and 25 in-home aides.


Foothills Temporary Employment has openings for 10 warehouse workers, 5 upholsterers, 10 assembly workers, 20 furniture employees, 25 textile workers, 10 clerical posts, 5 administrative clerical spots, and 2 accounting positions.


Cargo Transporters has 30 immediate and 50 future truck driver jobs (paid by mileage pay), while SunBelt XPress is seeking 10 CDL-A truck drivers.


Community Alternatives has 16 openings for direct support professionals and 2 residential manager jobs.


Labor Connections has 70 jobs for warehouse general laborers, 80 posts for machine operators, 25 jobs for HVAC helpers/mechanical installers, 25 electricians/electrical helpers, 28 welders, 40 assemblers, 13 maintenance jobs, and 75 general laborers.


With more than 2,300 jobs available, this Caldwell is Hiring is shaping up to be the best one yet. This is your opportunity to get a job or get a better job!!!


We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, October 25!!!


10/12/2017 – White Tire Center marks entry into Caldwell County with ribbon-cutting ceremony

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October 12, 2017


White Tire Center officially marked its first Caldwell County location with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Lenoir.


Situated at the corner of Harper Avenue and Pennton Avenue, White TIre Center replaces a formerly vacant News-Topic building. The site originally was used as a Firestone service center, starting in the 1960s.


The Caldwell County Economic Development Commission and the City of Lenoir facilitated a Building Re-use Grant through the N.C. Department of Commerce.


Speakers at the ceremony were Caldwell EDC Executive Director Deborah Murray, Caldwell County Board of Commissioners Chairman Randy Church, Lenoir Mayor Joe Gibbons, and Darryl White, who co-owns White Tire Center with his children, Wendy Barlowe and Todd White.


White Tire Center operates in Catawba, Alexander, Burke, and Cleveland counties. The Lenoir site will be open on Mondays through Saturdays.

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