04/17/2018 – Exela Pharma Science’s Koneru interviews former President George W. Bush

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April 17, 2018



On April 13, Exela Pharma Sciences President and CEO Dr. Phanesh Koneru interviewed former President George W. Bush at the 9th Annual Becker’s Hospital Review conference in front of 4,000 attendees.


The conference is attended by the nation’s leading healthcare CEOs, CFOs and hospital personnel responsible for decision making in America’s hospital networks.


President Bush was the keynote speaker at the meeting. During an hour of entertaining and informative interview, Koneru explored many aspects of the Bush Presidency – including 9/11, the financial bailout of Wall Street, and the current events affecting this country, including hotspots such as Syria, China, Russia and North Korea.


It was clear that President Bush was impressed with Koneru’s immigrant background, having grown up in India in a village of 80 people with no running water or electricity, and then to have emigrated to the U.S., get an Ivy League education, become a U.S. citizen and rise to the level of a Founder/CEO of a pharmaceutical company.


President Bush stated, “How great it is that someone who grew up in a small village in India can come to the U.S., be successful and be interviewing a President of the United States of America. How great a country is this?”


Koneru then received a standing ovation from the overflow crowd and President Bush.


Over the course of the interview, President Bush entertained the group with his insights into today’s political environment, his past successes and failures, and his new passion of painting. He spoke of the values of the Presidency and that the Office of the President is much bigger than the person who occupies the spot.


His candor and honesty were evident in his discussions on leadership, where he not only spoke about his successes, but also some of his failures and what decision making was involved in each. He offered advice to those in the audience that will strengthen them as leaders in the healthcare field and ensure America continues to improve its healthcare leadership role in the world.


Exela Pharma Sciences is proud to have sponsored President Bush’s keynote address. It was truly a memorable experience for all who attended, and a special occasion for those of us that work at and continue to build this great company we call Exela.

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