3-16-2022 – Harmony Timberworks to expand in Hudson

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March 16, 2022




Mar 15, 2022


LENOIR — Harmony Timberworks, headquartered in Boone, has decided to expand their business in Hudson.


During Monday’s (March 14) Caldwell County Board of Commissioners meeting, Economic Development Commission Executive Director Deborah Murray introduced Tommy Sofield, owner of Harmony Timberworks, to the board and requested commissioners approve EDC incentives for his company.


“I’m really, really happy to bring to you a new project and introduce to you our newest member of Caldwell County’s industrial occupants,” said Murray.


Harmony Timberworks has been searching for a “rail-sided building” in order to reduce costs related to the transportation of raw materials.


“We are looking for the Local Jobs Incentive for $2,000 a job for each of the jobs up to 20 jobs to be created over a two-year period of time, that time to run concurrently with a Building Reuse Grant that is being applied for through the town of Hudson,” Murray said. “[Sofield] will be investing several million dollars in a new facility, renovations, and repairs to put that site back into operation.”


Harmony Timberworks has operated in Boone for nearly 40 years.


As Sofield explained, “We do large timbers … we’re looking for a rail to do a lot of our transportation, but we’re also looking for somebody who wanted the industry to come into the area.”


Before introducing Harmony Timberworks to the board (and the public), the project was given the code name “Project Harry Potter.” The name appears to have been inspired by a real life project that Harmony Timberworks completed for the Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios in Florida.


“We actually went to Universal and they asked us to do a large … timber frame that you start out in going through [the ride.] We actually were the only company in the country that could engineer and design that for them,” said Sofield.


“We appreciate you coming this way,” said Chairman Randy Church. “We seem to get chastised quite a bit anytime there’s a new restaurant that comes into town, that Caldwell County’s not doing enough to bring industry, and I just want to say, this is one of those good things that we’re doing, appreciate you coming and bringing your business here, and the investment you’re gonna make in our community.”


Sofield said the company is looking forward to working in Caldwell County.

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