CCED: Track Record of Success

worker on the jobSince 2009, Caldwell County has persistently diversified and built our economy, adding more than 50 industries and repurposing and filling over 4.2 million square feet of industrial and commercial space vacated during the 2008 recession. We elevated our county from a single-engine economy dependent on furniture manufacturing to a diverse 21st-century economy that is regionally and globally competitive. 

Caldwell County Economic Development (CCED) has assisted:

  • Google
  • Exela Pharma Sciences
  • MDI
  • FleetGenius
  • Craftmaster Furniture
  • UNC Health Care
  • Grand Manor Furniture
  • ServPro
  • Harmony Timberworks
  • C Con Metals
  • Woodgrain Millwork
  • Carolina Prime Pet
  • Automated Solutions
  • McCreary Modern Furniture
  • Blue Ridge Tissue
  • White Tire Co.
  • 80 Acres Agriculture
  • A McGee Lumber
  • STAT Recycling
  • Randall Miller Trucking
  • Advance Textile Solutions

Caldwell’s modern economy has proven strength and durability: download our 2022 Caldwell Key Economic report. And the pipeline is filled with more opportunity than ever before. Contact us today to see how we can assist you!