Caldwell County: One of the Most Pleasant Places in North Carolina

Broyhill Walking Park in LenoirCaldwell County is one of the most pleasant places in North Carolina! The annual Best Places Comfort Index for the county is 7.6 on a maximum scale of 10.

Southern Caldwell County is foothills and relatively flat, while the northern part is mountainous. The elevation of Caldwell County rises a breathtaking 575 percent, from 900 feet above sea level to 5,964 feet. It’s the most considerable elevation change of any county in North Carolina. 

Here you can experience every beautiful season. Because we are in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, our summers are mild, and you can conveniently access skiing and snow tubing in winter. Our fall foliage and spring blooms are hard to beat. Forest covers nearly 78 percent of the county.

September, May and October are the most pleasant months in Caldwell County, and there are 209 sunny days per year (the US average is 205).

Weather Highlights

Summer High

July high is around 88 degrees

Winter Low

January low is 27


averages 47 inches per year


averages 4 inches per year