worker at Bemis Plastics

Caldwell County’s legacy in furniture manufacturing is fueling a dynamic transition into other manufacturing sectors, including plastics. Auto-related plastic injection molding and John Deere parts are areas of growth fueled by the resources, skills, logistics and low operating costs in Caldwell County.

Caldwell County Advantages

  • Low energy, real estate and construction costs
  • E3 (Economy, Energy and the Environment) initiative for the sustainability
  • Proximity to regional markets, numerous trucking carriers
  • Intermodal port facility, 73 miles away

Caldwell County Workforce Training Advantages

“When Bemis was making the decision to locate a plastic injection molding business here in 1999, we had three specific needs 1) capable workforce, 2) competitive utility rates and 3) business oriented state, city and county government. Looking back, we’ve found the people and business environment to be world class. Caldwell County was absolutely the right move for us.” Bemis Manufacturing