Caldwell County: Location for Business Success!

Caldwell County: Location for Business Success! Main Photo

28 Aug 2023


Caldwell County, NC, is increasingly becoming the ideal location for businesses across various industries. Since 2009, The Caldwell County Economic Development (CCED) has repurposed over 4.2 million square feet of land for industrial and commercial use. The county is also a gateway to both regional and global markets. North Carolina is also ranked the #1 state for business, adding to Caldwell County’s allure for businesses. 

Caldwell County’s Location Advantages Helping Businesses Succeed!

Caldwell County has access to major highways, including I-40, which connects to 1-77, 1-85, and 1-95. This highway access makes it easy for businesses to transport goods nationwide. The Charlotte Douglas International Airport, the Foothills Regional, and Hickory Regional Airports provide regional and national air transportation. Railway and port services are also available for businesses. Click here to learn more about the location advantages of locating your business in Caldwell County!