North Carolina ranks 2nd best state for women entrepreneurs

North Carolina ranks 2nd best state for women entrepreneurs Main Photo

31 Oct 2023


This report measures the economic clout of women-owned businesses and then ranks states and Washington D.C. and the top50 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). Economic clout ranks the combined growth in the number of firms and employment and average shares in firms, employment, and revenue of women-owned businesses from 2019 to 2023. This ranking aims to pinpoint where and why women-owned businesses flourished or faltered during the pandemic.

The impact of women-owned businesses diverges significantly across the U.S., influenced by varying economic conditions and programs that support their growth and success. These businesses, when successful, contribute to economic growth, job creation, and innovation.

The research reveals distinct trends. States like California and New York distinguish themselves not merely by the quantity of women-owned businesses but also by the notable growth of these enterprises during the pandemic. Conversely, regions such as Wyoming and Alaska register lower performance metrics. To read the entire article, click here!