Local Businesses, Entrepreneurs are CaldWELL POSITIONED For Success!

14 Nov 2023


Caldwell County is a vibrant area and one of the most advantageous locations in North Carolina for business. One of the reasons for that standing is the innovative entrepreneurs who understand market bottlenecks and strive to provide resolutions. Caldwell County Economic Development welcomes them with open arms and thanks them for choosing our region.

National Entrepreneurship Month is the perfect time to embrace and celebrate Caldwell County’s businesses and entrepreneurs. Beginning in 2010 as National Entrepreneurship Day, recognized annually on the third Tuesday of November, the event has grown into National Entrepreneurship Month, a month-long celebration in November to spotlight the tireless efforts of entrepreneurs who drive growth in our communities.

Entrepreneurs are innovative problem solvers and the backbone of the U.S. economy, making up 99% of the small businesses that employ Americans. It’s an understatement to say that entrepreneurship is vital to our economy. Entrepreneurs are innovators who see problems, find solutions and create answers. An example is Karl Benz, who created the first car as a solution to mass transportation. Decades later, Henry Ford resolved automobile demand via mass production, making the assembly line manufacture multiple cars simultaneously. Today, vehicle innovation has led to rideshare, mass transit and electric cars, all from entrepreneurial origins.

Support for New Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Caldwell County ED understands the importance of new businesses and the growth of existing ones. Numerous local resources are available in and around Caldwell County, with services specifically tailored to helping entrepreneurs. Some of these include:

Beyond the educational programs at Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute, the McCreary Family Business Center at the Hub Station is designed to increase the success rate of small business ventures through free expert training and assistance.

Rural RISE NC is a resource for innovators, startups and entrepreneurs.

Startup Caldwell-Watauga offers training, assistance and local connections. 

If you’d like to open, relocate, or expand your business in Caldwell County, please contact Caldwell County Economic Development for details. The conversation today could be the beginning of your tomorrow. 

Ways to Celebrate National Entrepreneurship Month

As natural problem-solvers, entrepreneurs are job drivers, economy-stabilizers, and family builders. When an entrepreneur gets their business off the ground, they hire employees. Employees take those wages into their homes to provide for their families and into communities to purchase necessary and desirable goods and services. 

To celebrate them this month and beyond, here are some ways consumers and customers can say, “Thank you,” to the entrepreneurs in Caldwell County: 

  • Purchase something from your favorite entrepreneur or from one you haven’t shopped with before
  • Specifically purchase from a woman entrepreneur on November 19th, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day
  • Volunteer your time and assistance
  • Consider a service-based entrepreneur and schedule an appointment
  • Leave a review on their social media
  • Share love by posting a review on your personal social media
  • Follow entrepreneurs’ social media pages and interact with them

Ways Caldwell County entrepreneurs can support fellow entrepreneurs: 

  • Support local crowdfunding websites
  • Mentor a new entrepreneur
  • Start or attend monthly Entrepreneur Only networking meetings
  • Volunteer teaching small business basics at the local Chamber of Commerce
  • Remind others to be thankful for the journey you are on together

National Entrepreneurship Month celebrates innovation, creativity, problem-solving, courage, and change! If you were wondering when is a good time to start your own entrepreneurial experience, the time is now.