CCS students excel in earned work credentials

CCS students excel in earned work credentials Main Photo

2 Feb 2024


By Rochelle Moore Paxton Media Group Feb 3, 2024

Caldwell County Schools ranks No. 10 among all school districts in North Carolina for the number of work-related credentials students earned in career and technical education.

Caldwell County students earned 6,668 credentials during the 2022-23 school year, according to the recently released 2022-23 Credential Attainment Data Report. The number of credentials is on par with the two previous years, with Caldwell County students earning 6,686 credentials during the 2021-22 academic year and 6,516 credentials in 2020-21.

The school system also has the second highest credential attainment rate in the state at 76%. Hyde County Schools has the highest credential attainment rate of 82%.

Wake County Schools led the state with 28,135 credentials earned by students and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools ranked No. 4 in the state with students earning 9,833 credentials. To read the full story click here.